Saccharine Lemons

One Night at the Horned Rabbit Inn Series

This is a trio of erotic shorts that are unrelated and can be read in any order. Each book takes place in the same inn, with its characters having an unforgettable and spicy encounter.

Book cover for "The Adventurer and the Assassin". A gleaming dagger lays on a wooden floor.

The Adventurer and the Assassin

30 Pages | ♥ Male/Nonbinary ♥

Colbin, adventurer for hire, has just finished a long, miserable quest in the cold, dreary mountains. Ready to spend the evening in the peaceful comfort of his hand, he settles into his inn room…until he’s interrupted by an assassin sent to end his life.

The assassin, however, seems to be just as pent up as Colbin, who strikes a deal that will lead to a night neither of them will forget.

This book features a cis male and an AFAB nonbinary character.

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Book cover for "The Bard and the Beast Hunter". A wooden lute lays on a wooden floor.

The Bard and the Beast Hunter

32 Pages | ♥ Male/Male ♥

Esanna is a wandering bard, seeking coin in exchange for entertainment. He’s also a lonely bard, thanks to a self-imposed policy of not sleeping with audience members.

But his policy never predicted Valdor, a rare type of beast hunter. Tall, dangerous, and sinfully sexy, Valdor tempts Esanna to break the rules for just one night.

This book features two cis men.

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Book cover for "The Archer, Healer, and Swordsman". A leather quiver of arrows lays on a wooden floor.

The Archer, Healer, and Swordsman

38 Pages | ♥ Male/Female/Male ♥

Kith has one last chance to get close to Telanie, a beautiful woman and powerful healing mage. But their fellow travel companion Rogar keeps getting in Kith’s way. The trio’s last night together draws to a close, with Kith no closer to Telanie than before.

Then Telanie surprises Kith and Rogar with a deal neither man can resist.

This book features two cis men and a cis woman.

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