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Hi, I'm Sacchi, and I like to draw lewd 2D boyfriends and other NSFW content.

31yo | They/He/She pronouns | A lemon

Actually, I picked the theme of "lemons" for my branding because once upon a time, fanfics containing sexual content were called "lemons". I am not actually a lemon.

Latest Site Update: Added line to commission process regarding commission WIPs being shared to Patreon. Updated Waitlist info section.

Commission slots are available in limited number between the 1st and 15th of every month. The number fluctuates based on how many of each type of commission has been claimed. For a live view of available slots and to check your commission progress, please view my Trello board here.

Commission Pricing (USD)

Black/White Drawings

Single Character: $55
Two Characters: $65
3+ Characters: +$15/character

Full Color

Single Character: $70
Two Characters: $90
3+ Characters: +$25/character

By default, characters will be naked. If clothing is involved, there may be an additional charge depending on how much clothing and how detailed it is.

By default, your commission will have either a simple white/gray or color background. There will be either a bed or a simple chair/couch with no details. For a background, more setting details, or more complex lighting/atmosphere, ask for a quote.

Commission Process

  • When it goes live, use the commission inquiry form, which will be posted on Twitter/Furaffinity. Limit 2 slots per person, per month. Make sure to check the Trello board first to see if your desired slot is still open!

  • Once details are worked out and the commission is approved, I will email you an invoice. Remember, paying agrees to my Terms and Conditions, so if you haven't read them, do so before paying!

  • After payment is received and I reach your slot in my queue, I will begin.

  • Throughout the process, there will be several check-ins. The number depends on commission type; your Trello slot card will display them. Please keep an eye on your messages for check-ins and questions, because I won't proceed without approval!

  • After the final check-in, I will finish up and send you a Google Drive link for download. Make sure everything is all good and download the file(s) as I cannot guarantee the links will remain active.

  • I may post WIPs to Patreon and post the final commission online. If you wish to remain anonymous or don't want me to share/post your commission, please let me know.


Sorry, I do not have a waitlist. You can instead subscribe to my Patreon as a $25 member; this will give you (1) reserved slot in the following month, and a $10 commission discount!

Terms & Conditions

You MUST be 18 years or older. All characters MUST have visual references, with the exception of reference sheet commissions.

Commissioned art is for personal, non-commercial use only. For commercial licensing, please send a message to discuss details. Reproduction of the art and usage in ANY relation to NFTs and bitcoins is NOT allowed. If you want to print it out, please ask first. You may use the art for wallpapers. If you use it for social media profile images, please credit me in your bio, even if it's just "Sacchi Lemons" for short. Use @sacchilemons if posting to Twitter. You may not use the art in videos in any kind. Reposting to Twitter, Furaffinity, etc. is allowed as long as you provide a link to me in some way.

Payment Policy
I reserve the right to refuse a commission. Clients pay up front.

A Stripe invoice will be sent to the email provided with a deadline of 3 days to pay it. If the deadline passes, the invoice expires and your slot will be given up.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations are allowed for color commissions with refunds based on how far along the artwork is. Each check-in means you must approve the continuation of the art, but also means you are entitled to a refund corresponding to the check-in as below. For black/white sketches, the amount will depend on the situation, but will likely be 50%.

  • Rough Sketch: 100% Full Refund (will NOT receive sketch)

  • Clean Sketch: 75% Refund (will receive sketch)

  • Line Art: 50% Refund (will receive lineart)

  • Flat Colors: 25% Refund (will receive art)

  • Fully Complete: No Refund (even if art is rejected)

If you receive art after cancellation, such as sketch or lines, you are NOT allowed to have another artist "finish" it without explicit permission. You can, however, come back to me to finish it (after paying for it, of course). Your original work file won't be deleted so I'll be able to finish it. This way, if a financial problem arises and you have to wait to finish it, you can! But there are no refunds for buyer's remorse.

Will Draw

  • Any gender and body type

  • Vanilla positions

  • Light BDSM (shibari, bondage, restraints)

  • "Daddy" wordplay

  • Humanoid characters (that are not necessarily human)

  • Monster/alien/non-human creatures

  • Light petplay (leashes, animal masks, tail plugs, muzzles)

  • Tentacles

  • Cum inflation

  • Pregnancy (including male & other)

  • Stuffing*

  • Oviposition*

  • Furries**

Will Not Draw

  • Shota / Loli content

  • Non-consensual content (all content I draw, regardless of what it is, is to be taken as consensual)

  • Characters that are not over 18 in canon

  • Vore

  • Guro

  • Necrophilia

  • Ageplay, stuff involving diapers, pretending to be a child, etc

  • Scat, vomit, farting

  • Waterworks / Omorashi

  • Bursting/birthing

  • Hyperinflation/Hypergrowth

  • Raceplay

  • Full mecha - such as Transformers (Sorry, I'm not that good at it u_u)

* Please ask me or detail your idea before commissioning; I will draw these if they fit within my personal level of comfort.
**I am new to drawing furries so I may need to give you a different quote based on the design or type of animal your character is, OR it may be outside of my current ability.

Contact Sacchi

Want to commission me? First, did you read my terms and conditions? Did you check my will/won't draw lists? Did you check my Trello board to see if there are slots left? Then ok, send me a message!

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