Saccharine Lemons

Hi, I’m Sacchi! I’m a freelance NSFW artist and a fantasy romance author that sometimes also writes fantasy erotica. I’m non-binary and go by they/him pronouns.

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Website Updates

7/4/24: Updated portfolio.

2/5/24: Minor cosmetic adjustments (mobile menu button fix is still a WIP) and added expected timeframe for commissions in ToS. Added commission pricing to the Info page.

Private Art Commission Status: Open thru July 15th

Why’s there so much splashing in the pool…? Visit the X thread for full details.

  • Splish Splash YCH ($150): 1 Slot (maybe 2)
  • In Good Hands YCH ($125): 2 Slots
  • Custom Color Comms: 3 Slots

Pricing, Terms & Policies
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Commercial Art Commission Status

Currently available for book covers, merchandise, and promotional illustrations.

Email inquiries to

Latest Book Release

One Night at the Horned Rabbit Inn: The Archer, Healer, and Swordsman

Genre: Erotica | 30 Pages | ♥ M/NB ♥

At the Horned Rabbit Inn, travelers are rarely alone in their beds at night.

Colbin, adventurer for hire, has just finished a long, miserable quest in the cold, dreary mountains. Ready to spend the evening in the peaceful comfort of his hand, he settles into his inn room…until he’s interrupted by an assassin sent to end his life.

The assassin, however, seems to be just as pent up as Colbin, who strikes a deal that will lead to a night neither of them will forget.

This is a standalone book in a series that can be read in no particular order. It features a cis male and DFAB nonbinary character in a steamy one night stand scenario

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