Saccharine Lemons

Commission Info

Commission Pricing

The following pricing is for full color private/personal commissions. For commercial commission rates, please email me at with details of your project.

Background Options

  • A) Plain color tone — $0 (default)
  • B) Color tone with dynamic/mood lighting$25 USD
  • C) Vague/Blurred background with dynamic lighting$45 USD
  • D) Detailed BackgroundRequires estimate based on complexity

Clothing, Props, & Large or Complex Details

These will have an additional fee, which will depend on what they are. Clothing will typically add $20 per character unless it’s armor or anything heavily detailed like Final Fantasy XIV attire. Complex tattoos, wings, dragonborn characters, and other complex designs may also have an extra fee. You’re always welcome to ask for pricing before sending a commission form!

Commission Process

1. A commission form will be posted on the 1st of every month. Limit 1 slot per person, per month, unless otherwise noted. Commissions are first-come, first-serve.

2. You MUST be 18 years or older. All characters MUST have visual references.

3. After it is accepted, I will email you an invoice. Paying it agrees to my Terms and Conditions, so read them before paying!

4. When the invoice is paid and I reach your slot in my queue, I will start drawing.

5. Your Trello card will display the check-ins. Each check-in requires approval before I continue.

6. When done, I will send you a Google Drive link to the hi-res image(s) and share-sized image(s). Make sure everything looks good and download the file(s) as I cannot guarantee the links will remain active after a month.

7. I may post WIPs to Twitter and I will post the final commission online in a smaller format. If you wish to remain anonymous or don’t want me to share/post your commission, please let me know.

Note: I do not utilize a waitlist at this time. Commissions are on a first come, first serve basis.

Commissions can take approximately 4-6 days, longer if there are multiple characters or complex backgrounds. I will always keep you updated on any delays and estimated delivery/check-in times!

Terms & Conditions

File Size

If you have specific dimensions, let me know before I begin. If you want higher DPI for printing purposes, ask first.

Finished commissions are approximately 2500×3000 pixels at 72DPI. It may vary based on composition. Comic sizes are 2500px wide and as long as the comic demands.

Publicly posted versions are 1280px at the longest dimension.


I reserve the right to refuse a commission.

Clients pay up front unless otherwise agreed upon (for larger commissions).

An invoice will be sent to the email provided with a deadline of 3 days to pay it. If the deadline passes, the invoice expires and your slot will be given up. You will need a debit/credit card to pay. Sorry, Paypal is not accepted. Invoices over $200 may be be split into 2 payments, with payment #1 upfront and payment #2 at the lines/flats stage. Let me know if you need to split the payment before I send the invoice.

Displayed prices are for non-commercial, private commissions that you will not make money from. Please send a message if you’d like to discuss commercial work!

Use, Edits, Credit

Reproduction of the art and usage in ANY relation to NFTs and bitcoins is NOT allowed.

You can use the art for wallpapers. If you use it for social media profile images, please credit me in your bio, even if it’s just “Sacchilemons” for short. Use @sacchilemons if posting to Twitter.

You can not use the art in videos in any kind.

Reposting to Tumblr, Furaffinity, etc. is allowed as long as you provide a link to me in some way. You can repost to Twitter only if it is your commission. Otherwise, please RT from me!

Refunds & Revision Policies

Cancellations are allowed for color commissions with refunds based on how far along the artwork is.

Each check-in means you must approve the continuation of the art, but also dictates how much of a refund you will get if you need to cancel. For black/white sketches, the amount will depend on the situation, but will likely be 50% of your money back. Refer to the breakdown for color refunds.

Color Illustration Refunds

Rough Sketch: 90% Refund (will NOT receive sketch)
Clean Sketch: 75% Refund (will receive art)
Flat Colors: 50% Refund (will receive art)
Fully Complete: No Refund (even if art is rejected)


If art has been completed, revisions may require an additional charge starting at $15.

Make sure you check for everything you need at each check-in!

I reserve the right to deny revisions if the revision is too major.

Note: If you receive art after cancellation, such as sketch or lines, you are NOT allowed to have another artist “finish” it without explicit permission. If a financial problem arises and you have to wait to get it finished, you cancel temporarily and pay the rest later!

There are no refunds for buyer’s remorse.