Will Draw / Won’t Draw List

Will Draw

  • Any gender and body type ♥
  • Vanilla positions
  • Light BDSM (shibari, bondage, restraints)
  • “Daddy” dom themes
  • Humanoid characters (that are not necessarily human)
  • Monster/alien/non-human creatures
  • Light petplay (leashes, animal masks, tail plugs, muzzles)
  • Tentacles
  • Cum inflation
  • Pregnancy (including male & other)
  • Stuffing*
  • Oviposition*
  • Furries**

Won’t Draw

  • Characters that are not over 18 in canon
  • Non-consensual content (all content I draw, regardless of what it is, is to be taken as consensual)
  • Vore
  • Guro
  • Necrophilia
  • Ageplay, stuff involving diapers, pretending to be a child, etc
  • Scat, vomit, farting
  • Waterworks / Omorashi
  • Bursting/birthing
  • Hyperinflation/Hypergrowth
  • Raceplay
  • Full mecha – such as Transformers (Sorry, I am not good at it u_u)

* Please ask me or detail your idea before commissioning; I will draw these if they fit within my personal level of comfort.

** I am new to drawing furries so I may need to give you a different quote based on the design or type of animal your character is, OR it may be outside of my current ability.