Tadaa, a New Website is Here!

Surprise, I built a new website! And then I broke it, because I didn’t realize I missed a step when transferring domains…

This may seem sudden, so here’s a breakdown as to why I suddenly built a new site:


I hit the limit of what I could do with Carrd.co with my existing hosting plan. If I wanted to do more, I’d have to do some coding or pay for plugins and widgets designed for the Carrd.co platform. The costs would have exceeded the costs of building and operating this new website, which is hosted by DreamHost.

Lewds Allowed

DreamHost allows adult content as long as it isn’t illegal. And as you know, I don’t draw illegal content. Carrd.co does not allow adult content.

18+ Only

I can protect myself by having an age verification pop-up before a new user views my site. I no longer have to censor the art on it. Unless I coded it myself, a widget to do this for Carrd.co would have cost money.

New Store

Gumroad is no longer a favorable option to host my store content, so I needed to move it. The store is not online yet, but will be soon, hopefully by the end of the month! Pose packs will be purchased here, while my art collections will be available on itch.io. Unfortunately, I can’t yet justify the price of a card processor that accepts high risk transactions and Stripe does not allow the sale of adult content, so I can’t have a single one-stop-shop yet. But at least you can buy them without worrying about Gumroad and their recent drama over NFTs!

It’s super exciting, and I can even have a blog of some sorts, though it’ll mostly be used for updates like this one. I’m still tweaking some things, so pardon the dust. If something is broken, let me know via the new contact form. Unless…that is broken, in which case DM me on Twitter, lol!