Store Opening Sale!

The new store is open!

After all that Gumroad NFT nonsense went down, I looked into an alternative. I tried, but the thought of migrating all of my listings to their platform was going to be long and tedious. Their listings are meant for projects, not simple items, which means there’s a lot of fields to fill in, boxes to check, and settings to configure.

New Features, More Freedom

Being my own store means I can do more! You can sort by category or by tags. I can add physical products later. I don’t have platform fees, only transaction fees. Besides the website hosting fee, anyway, but I got a good deal on that. 😉

Opening Sale – 15% Off Entire Store!

There’s two new pose packs available now, Seated in Chair 1 and Seated in Chair 2. Both packs include the chair object, and both are included in the sale. The sale ends on April 15th!

If you have any technical issues or questions, use the contact form or DM me on Twitter.

– Sacchi ♥

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