Site Update 3-23

Worked on the website today and enacted a couple of site updates.

New Appearance

Ah, yes. Nothing like toiling over a design to get it to look just right only to have to redo the whole thing. I ran into a technical problem when building the store — the theme that I built on didn’t make for an attractive store layout. In fact, it was quite ugly, cramped, and resulted in weird bits of stray text as well as an empty sidebar I couldn’t remove without altering the actual code of the website.

So, I had to go back to the start (sort of) and pick a new theme to build on. This theme has many more customizing options, and after a brief fight with buttons and their refusal to be green, I now have a website again full of yellow (and with green buttons). There are some adjustments still needed, such as the yellow header bars maybe being too much yellow, but it’s getting there.

Next is going back to the store, and hoping that I can finally get it looking presentable and shoppable!

Commission Price Changes

I’ve updated my color commission prices! Background prices have also changed but those are not listed since it depends on what you’re ordering and how long it’ll take to make. If you’ve ordered one before and the price seems higher, this is why. Black/white prices have not changed, but I did add a note describing them. I also fixed a typo in this section where a whole hunk of sentence disappeared.

Be sure to check out the prices so that you aren’t caught unaware! And if you haven’t already, sign up for commission alerts so you don’t miss the slot announcement or the form link when they open!

♥ Sacchi