Intimate Missionary – NSFW Art Pose Image Reference Pack


This is a reference pack of a sexy, romantic pose with two characters. You receive:

  • 10 large .png images (1000×1000 pixels)
  • 1 .clip file with the pose (for custom camera adjusting)

Note: The top character’s legs were not doing anything interesting, so to keep the pose angles large enough for the important details, they’ve been cropped in many of the images. For the full legs, it is recommended to use the original .clip pose file if you need to see all of the legs.

These poses are for reference purposes and were created by Sacchi (SaccharineLemons) using Clip Studio Paint.

The .png images do not need CSP to be opened.

The .clip file requires CSP to be opened.

These poses can be used as references for personal and commercial art. If there are any issues, please let me know.

Have you used this or other pose packs? Feel free to tag me on Twitter to show me how you used them! You’ll find me as @sacchilemons!

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