New: Sign up for Commission Alerts!

You can now sign up for commission alerts and new store items! Here are some reasons to sign up:

  • Twitter’s terrible algorithms keep hiding tweets from your timeline
  • My tweets get buried because of the timezone difference
  • It’s easier to relocate the email than the tweet if you’re a serial like/retweeter
  • The information may be easier to read and presented more neatly than a Twitter thread

Commission Alerts

This sends two emails per month. Email #1 is near the end of the current month and will describe what slots will be available and any special pricing. Email #2 is sent on the 1st of each month — it will contain the commission form link, pricing, links to my Trello, portfolio, and any special information that you need to know, like for Your Character Here’s (YCHs).

For example, the schedule this month will be:

  • Email #1: March 29th, it will describe April’s slots in brief
  • Email #2: April 1st, it will have the commission form link and full information

New Store Items

The store isn’t online yet — the goal is by April. When it’s online, I will send an email when a new item is available. I sell reference image packs of poses and art collections; in the future, I hope to offer other things. I post on Twitter whenever I have a new item available, but, well…refer to the above list of reasons why you may consider emails as a way of not missing out.

I aim for 1-2 new items a month, and sometimes there’s 3. If I do several things at once, I’ll consolidate them into one email rather than many emails. I don’t want to spam you, after all!


If you sign up for commission alerts, thank you so much! I’m constantly trying to improve my workflows for myself and for you, so it’s convenient and efficient for both of us. Knowing someone is interested in my work enough to sign up for ye old email subscription is a pretty good confidence boost, so thanks!



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