Site Update 6/30

The site has been updated to reflect new method of payment (invoice using bank card). Much like before, but not using Stripe. Prices for commissions have changed; you can see them on the home page. Commissions will resume July 1st.

Temporary Store Closure

The store is being temporarily closed due to Stripe closing my account due to my content. Until a solution is found, all commissions, Patreon subscriptions, Ko-Fi donations, and store sales are being halted. You can read this Twitter thread for more specifics. I apologize for this disappointing event and I hope to find a solution …

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Contact Form Update

The Contact Form has been updated, and by updated, I mean it’s been replaced. Turns out that all this time, the contact form was collecting entries…but would not show me the entries unless I was signed up to the service. Why is the plug-in free, but is made useless without paying…? SO the contact form …

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Store Opening Sale!

The new store is open! After all that Gumroad NFT nonsense went down, I looked into an alternative. I tried, but the thought of migrating all of my listings to their platform was going to be long and tedious. Their listings are meant for projects, not simple items, which means there’s a lot of …

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Site Update 3-23

Worked on the website today and enacted a couple of site updates. New Appearance Ah, yes. Nothing like toiling over a design to get it to look just right only to have to redo the whole thing. I ran into a technical problem when building the store — the theme that I built on didn’t make …

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