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About Sacchi

I’m a non-binary creator (they/he) who likes to draw and write horny folk. I like to write in fantasy settings and sometimes write more adventurous kinks.
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Site Updates

11/2/2022: Updated navigation to include new Redbubble store. Updated the Books page with the newest Horned Rabbit Inn book release.
10/5/2022: I punched Wordpress in the face and built a new website to accommodate both art and my upcoming books. This way, I won't expose people to my very NSFW art if they're not interested.

Commission Info

Open between the 1st and 15th of each month.
Check Available Slots
Payment is via invoice using a bank/credit card. I do not accept Paypal! All prices are in USD.

Full Color

Single Character
Two Characters
3+ Characters
+$25 per character

Black & White

Single Character
Two Characters
3+ Characters
+$15 per character
By default, characters will be naked. If clothing is involved, there may be an additional charge depending on how much clothing and how detailed it is.
By default, your commission will have either a simple white/gray or color background. There will be a surface with no details, like a vague bed or floor. For a background, setting details, or more complex lighting/atmosphere, ask for a quote.
* Black & White: The drawing will be in black/white/shades of gray. The lines may be rough and the shading not as clean. These are like very cleaned-up sketches! Budget-friendly and usually done in 2 days.